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Family Challenge
Family Challenge week 16
Monday 2nd July 2018
Visit the Cheltenham Music Festival.

Family Challenge week 15
Sunday 10th June 2018
Visit a museum, gallery or exhibition together.

Family Challenge week 14
Monday 21st May 2018
Teach your child a life-skill. This might be something like reading the electricity meter and entering the result online, or changing a car tyre, or working out a budget for a family day out.
Let us know how you get on!

Family Challenge Week 13
Sunday 13th May 2018
Go for a run together.

Family Challenge Week 12
Thursday 10th May 2018
Play a board game with your child.

Family Challenge Week 11
Sunday 29th April 2018
Plan, cook and eat a breakfast together.

Family Challenge week 10
Friday 20th April 2018
Turn off the Wi-Fi for a day and see what else you can do together.

Family Challenge Week 8
Sunday 25th March 2018
This week's challenge is to play a board game with your child - the more people you can get to join in, the better!

Family Challenge Week 7
Sunday 18th March 2018
This week's challenge is to go for a bike ride with your son or daughter. Enjoy the exercise and spending time together!

Family Challenge week 6
Saturday 10th March 2018
As your child to imagine it's their 18th birthday, and you are going to deliver a speech about them. What would they like you to say, and why?

Family Challenge Week 5
Saturday 3rd February 2018
This week's challenge is to watch a documentary on a subject that interests your son or daughter and discuss it together. You can find lots on YouTube if nothing on TV is suitable. If your child doesn't have any ideas I suggest one of the Planet Earth episodes that were on the BBC recently. You'll find them on I-player.

Family Challenge week 4
Saturday 27th January 2018
The activity for this week is to listen to your child read a chapter of his or her book, or read a chapter with them. Discuss what they're reading - what's the story about? What do they think will happen next? Who is the best character? Why? Do they like the book? Why?

Family Challenge week 3
Saturday 20th January 2018
Ask your son or daughter to teach you something that they've learned in school this week.

We'd love to hear how you're getting on with the Family Challenges - please drop Ms McQuone an email ([email protected]) or send her a photograph!

Family Challenge Week 2
Wednesday 17th January 2018
Go for a walk! No phones, no devices, just go for a walk and chat.

Family Challenge week 1
Tuesday 9th January 2018
Plan, shop, cook and eat a family meal together. Each person can choose at least one item.

We'd love to see photos if you try this activity! You can email them to Ms McQuone ([email protected]) or tweet us @BMiddleSchool

Introduction to The Family Challenge
Tuesday 9th January 2018
In the New Year's Resolution spirit, we've come up with a list of fun activities for families to do together. This idea is based on the National Trust's "50 things to do before you're 11 3/4", which you may already have seen. Parents and carers tell us that their children are often reluctant to talk a great deal about school life and what they are learning, and these activities are designed to provide opportunities to talk together.

Each week in 2018 we will provide a challenge for you to complete with your child. These activities are completely optional and simply offered as suggestions for fun activities to do together. We hope you try at least a few and that you enjoy them!