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Physical Education
Work within the PE Department at Key Stage 2 and 3 is designed to support, contribute to and complement the aims of the school. The PE Department's primary aim is to provide opportunities to all students that promote firstly their physical competence in a range of activities but also the student's mental, social, moral, cultural and spiritual skills, enhancing the development of the whole child. For example, personal skills such as leadership, teamwork and self-esteem will be focused on.

The aims by which we hope this will be achieved are outlined below:

• Provide a broad and balanced curriculum primarily consisting of a wide range of activities through 2 hours of high quality PE a week for every student.
• To maintain and/or stimulate student interest and enjoyment in PE and to promote health and fitness for current and future lifestyles, understanding its short and long term effects on the body.
• Develop the ability to make informed decisions on, and appropriate selections of, actions, movement patterns, resources and methods of working whilst exploring appropriate responses to movement - related situations.
• Provide for the development of inter-personal skills and a sympathetic appreciation of individual differences and capabilities, including the development of politeness, perseverance, initiative, independence and self-esteem.
• To enable pupils to work independently and as part of a team in varied activities, so as PE contributes to the development of core skills such as communication by speech allowing pupils to become familiar with principles and vocabulary related to PE.
• To enable pupils to understand and use safe practice and to appreciate its importance in PE.
• Provide an appreciation of movement through accurate observation, analysis, assessment and evaluation.

In order to achieve these outlined aims a child-centred approach will be employed to ensure every student, irrespective of ability, gender, race, religion or ethnicity has the opportunity to reach their full potential whilst learning to pursue success.

Year 6:
Autumn: Football, Tag-Rugby, Netball/Basketball, Gymnastics
Spring: Indoor Athletics & HRF, Dance & OAA, Football/Tag-Rugby, Athletics
Summer: Cricket, Athletics, Rounders, Tennis

Year 7 Girls:
Autumn: Health-related exercise, Netball, Rugby
Spring: Gymnastics, OAA - orienteering, Sports leadership
Summer: Athletics, Rounders, Cricket

Year 7 Boys:
Autumn: Health-related exercise, Football, Rugby
Spring: Sports leadership, Gymnastics, OAA - orienteering
Summer: Athletics, Cricket, Softball

Year 8 Girls:
Autumn: Health-related exercise, Netball, Football
Spring: Gymnastics, OAA – planning a journey, Uni hoc, Basketball
Summer: Athletics, Rounders, Cricket

Year 8 Boys:
Autumn: Health-related exercise, Football, Rugby
Spring: Uni hoc, Basketball, Gymnastics, OAA - planning a journey
Summer: Athletics, Cricket, Softball