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Behaviour for Learning
We teach students that their choices have consequences. Poor choices of behaviour lead to students receiving warnings (known as C1 and C2). Further instances of poor behaviour will result in a C3 and sanctions being applied. Parents and carers are informed if this happens.

Examples of C1/C2/C3 Behaviours to be given as C1 first then C2 and then C3 - not automatic C3.

  • Arguing/Refusing to follow instructions.

  • Disrupting the learning of others.

  • Drinking/Eating in class without permission.

  • Out of seat.

  • Refusing to remove coat/hat/hoodie..

  • Talking out of turn.

  • Throwing objects.

  • Working below expectation.

  • Unauthorised use of non-educational websites.

Examples of automatic C3s - This list is not exhaustive.

  • Bad language/gesture towards another student.

  • Lack of respect towards staff.

  • Littering.

  • Offensive comments towards students.

  • Running without permission.

  • Shouting without permission.

  • Disturbing another class.

  • Eating or inappropriate/dangerous behaviour in a Science / ICT Room/classroom.

  • Bypassing school security through proxy redirection sites.

  • Poor behaviour during an exam/test.

  • Chewing gum.

  • Mobile Phone/MP3 player on or out in class/in school.

  • Persistent lateness without valid reason.

Examples of automatic C4s (One-Day Isolation or Fixed Term Exclusion) - This list is not exhaustive.

  • Bad language or gesture directed at or about staff.

  • Bad language shouted across room or along corridor.

  • Damage to school property.

  • Damage to another student's property, data or work.

  • Off school premises without permission.

  • Racist, sexist or homophobic comments.

  • Truancy from/refusing to go to lessons.

  • Entering an area that is 'Out of Bounds'.

  • Poor behaviour on the way to/going home from school.

  • Persistent infringement of ICT/phone acceptable use policy.

  • School brought into disrepute through inappropriate ICT/phone use.

  • Allowing other students to have access to the school network by sharing passwords or by using another student's password.

  • Accessing and/or sharing pornographic, violent or inappropriate images via the internet/phone.

  • Carrying inappropriate objects (e.g. knives/matches/lighter/drugs).

  • 'Happy Slapping'/inappropriate use of phone or camera.

  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour.

  • Any physical violence irrespective of who started it.

  • Possession or use of alcohol.

  • Smoking.

  • Stealing.

  • Verbal violence towards a member of staff.