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Parent Voice
Many parents will be aware that at Blackminster Middle School we work hard to ensure that the students have a say in the running of their school. Our Student Congress is an active and significant part of the decision-making, and is taking an ever-more active role, alongside staff, in shaping and leading the school.

However, we believe that success is built on a triangle between the students; the school; and parents and carers. We are keen to involve parents and carers more in our discussions about how we continue to move the school forward. We have therefore set up our Parent Voice group, where parents can come along, and talk to us about what we are doing in school, and how we can make it better.

Parent Voice isn't a formal body, people aren't voted on, there aren't speeches and bureaucracy. There is a glass of wine, the chance to meet other parents, and to let us know your views. Parent Voice has already contributed to discussions on the Behaviour for Learning Policy; and on how we contact parents with news and information.

All parents are very welcome to come along, and contribute towards improving the school - please keep an eye out for the Parent Voice articles in the Blackminster Bulletin, and you can also contact me on lmcquone@blackminster.worcs.sch.uk, or parentvoice@blackminster.worcs.sch.uk. If you would prefer to talk about the group, please ring school and ask for Linda McQuone. I look forward to meeting you.