Home Learning

Homework at Blackminster

Homework at Blackminster is not set to a rigid timetable. This is because a timetable can lead to either appropriate work not being set because it’s “the wrong day”, or work being set because it’s due on the timetable rather than because it benefits learning.

Instead, we have an expectation that homework is set roughly once for every five lessons taught. This means that some subjects (English and maths in Year 6, for example) will usually have homework every week, but some others (computing, for example) will have homework less frequently. Some subjects may chose to set longer-term projects, but these will have interim deadlines and expectations to help students to organise their time.

Online System

We use an online system called Show My Homework which allows parents, carers and students to access their work at any time from their computer, tablet or smart phone by clicking on the link at the top of the school’s website. We recommend that students and parents or carers log in to the site so that they receive personalised notifications, but if this isn’t possible they can simply filter the whole school timetable without the need for a log in. Show My homework also has an App that can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets. Students receive log in details at the start of the year. Please contact your child’s form tutor if there are any problems with the system.