The importance of school attendance

Absence is proven to have a significant negative impact upon a child’s educational attainment and further education.  Regular attendance is not only a legal requirement but is essential for children/young people to maximise their educational opportunities.

Attendance during one school year Number of days absent Approximate number of weeks absent Number of lessons missed
95% 9 2 45
90% 19 4 95
85% 29 6 145
80% 38 8 190

If you are experiencing difficulty with your child’s attendance, behaviour or accessing support to address any additional needs your child has, please contact us.  We will then work with you to try and resolve any difficulties you have and/or identify appropriate levels of support or refer you for additional support services.  

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Parental advice about school attendance

Simple things you can do today to help your child to attend school:

  • Ensure that your children arrive at school on time, properly dressed and ready to learn

  • Instil in your children an appreciation of the importance of attending school regularly

  • Impress upon children the need to observe the school’s code of conduct.

  • Take an active interest in your children’s school career, praising and encouraging good work and behaviour and attending parents’ evenings and other relevant meetings

  • Work in partnership with your child’s school to resolve issues which may lead to non‐attendance

  • Ensure that you are aware of the attendance policy of your children’s school

  • Notify the school if your child is absent. This should be done as soon as possible ‐ preferably on the first day of absence. You should also provide an explanation for the absence. This explanation should be confirmed ‐ preferably in writing ‐ when the child returns to school

  • Keep them in a routine

  • Avoid arranging medical/dental appointments during school hours

  • Avoid booking holidays during term time

  • If you are having difficulty with your child attending school ask the school for help today