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Our Uniform Rules

  • White buttoned shirt, worn tucked into trousers/skirt and with top button done up with school tie in House colours worn with at least 5 stripes on show.

  • Dark grey or black tailored trousers/dark grey (no jeans, leggings or ‘skinny’ trousers) or knee length black skirt (NOT lycra). The skirt must not be more than 5cm above the knee. Maxi skirts are not permitted.

  • Black blazer with school badge.

  • Green school jumper with school badge.

  • Sensible black school shoes: flat or low heeled (no more than 5cms). Footwear can be shoes or shoe-type trainers, but must be plain black. Coloured trainers or coloured logos/laces/soles are not permitted.

  • Grey or black socks, or black or flesh coloured tights.

  • Hooded sweatshirts are not permitted in school.

  • Outerwear: scarves, coats, hats etc should not be worn inside the building and should be stored in lockers or in the cloakroom.

Examples of suitable, all-black footwear for boys

Examples of unsuitable footwear for boys

Example of a suitable length skirt

Example of an unsuitable skirt

PE kit for all students


  • Green and Black Blackminster Polo Shirt
  • Green and Black Blackminster Shorts/Skort White sports ankle socks
  • Blackminster Full Length House Socks Training shoes
  • Shin pads
  • Football boots (year 7 and 8 boys only)


  • Unisex Green and Black Blackminster Rugby Shirt
  • Unisex Black Blackminster Sweatshirt (Non Hooded)
  • Unisex Blackminster Trackpants
  • Girls Blackminster Leggings
  • A gum shield may be required for certain activities
  • Non-hooded sweatshirt
  • All items should be marked with the owner’s name: please place iron-on initials on the kit.
  • Appropriate PE kit must be brought to every lesson.
  • PE kit can only be worn only in PE unless express permission given (tournaments etc)

This information aims to clarify uniform expectations. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of permitted and non-permitted items.


Students are permitted to wear a wrist-watch; one charity wrist-band; one small stud earring in each ear lobe. No other piercings are allowed. Students should, ideally, have their ears pierced during the summer holidays so they can take them out for PE lessons. If they cannot take them out for PE lessons, a note from home is needed and students must bring tape or a plaster to cover their earrings.


Subtle make-up and clear nail varnish are permitted, but students will be asked to remove make up or nail varnish that, in the judgement of staff, is excessive. No fake nails such as gel or acrylic nails are permitted and will be soaked off in school if worn.


Dramatic changes of hair colour/ unnatural hair colours will not be accepted. Extreme hairstyles are also not acceptable in school, including when part or all of a student’s hair is cut very short, shaved (other than when agreed for charity fund raising) or has ‘tramlines’.

Occasionally students may be involved in school related activities, trips or visits when they
are not required to wear school uniform. This relaxation of the uniform code does not apply to facial and body piercing and hair styles, and parents/carers and students are reminded of their duty to ensure that they do not allow standards to slip in this regard.

Should clarification be needed on uniform or appearance, the Headteacher or a member of the Senior Leadership Team will make the final decision on what is or is not acceptable.