Core Subjects


At Blackminster we aspire to create and enthuse pupils to become writers and readers. We want their natural style and flair to be evident in their creations by giving them to tools to do so. Within this subject, it is imperative pupils can read and write. Without this ability pupils will struggle to function within other curriculum subjects and, more importantly, it will prevent access to opportunities within the outside world.


Here in the Maths department, our aim is to stimulate the pupils’ interest of Maths. We INTEND to allow students to engage in why we learn maths and how it is directly linked to financial literacy, engineering and scientific understanding and the development of technology whilst bringing maths alive. We give the students the ability to develop their fundamental skills and understanding of the key areas of the subject as well as engaging their interest through creative learning concepts as well as using various online supports including IXL and MyMaths.


Science is taught over the 3 years with 6 lessons per fortnight. These are taught in our fantastic state-of-the art laboratories which ensure the students the opportunity to use high school standard equipment. The topics taught over the 3 years include all 3 sciences, including Particles and Solutions, New Beginnings, Electricity and Magnets, Forces, Elements and Ecosystems. The lessons are designed to be fun and engaging and can vary from using skittles as electrons to tell us about the Periodic Table through to investigating which is the ‘best’ biscuit! You can see how the topics are linked through our curriculum plan which shows you what each year is taught but also how the topics build on each other over the three years. The overview shows you which topics are taught when. This leads onto our impact, where we are dedicated to ensuring our students leave our school with a solid foundation of knowledge, the skills and confidence to make decisions and the ability to challenge themselves in their own learning.